Friday, April 8, 2011

The Transition....The Redemption

First off, Welcome to my official blog. Here is where you will find the more in-depth stories behind the music and also you will find links to my music.

Now, Redemption Trilogy, my first solo as a independant artist, will be available as a online exclusive ep on various websites insluding my personal website Monster Mill Website on April 19, 2011 less than two weeks away.

Time for the story.....

As some may already know, I began making music in 2004 by the name J-Mill. When I originally began to record, mix, and produce music I did it all from my home studio which gave me the opportunity to collaborate with a wide variety of artists both locally and internationally. I began recording with my group the Inferno Clique in 2005 members included Mayhem, Terry C., Ice, A.M. Geezy, B-Tomp, there were also various other member of the Inferno Clique but not related to the music scene, all from the Louisville Metro area and more specifically in Southern Indiana where most of my beginning underground music was created. After the Inferno Clique in mid-year of 2006 I began to look for ways to expand my music. I started by doing online audio and text battles against of MCs and also began to release underground music in various forums. At the time I was still learning and deffiently not lyrically or structurally at the same leave that I'm at now, but there were some people on the forums that recognized my potential. One was Calibre, a underground legend on forums and other websites as a NetEmcee from Germany. Aside from music Calibre and I had some other things in common that led us to form a connect through which he mentored me in the music business. Calibre and I did some songs together including the most diverse and wide-spread NetEmcee Cypher (Song) called 8 Barz Pt. 3. The original 8 Barz was a solo by Calibre. 8 Barz Pt. 2 was also by Calibre and featured J-Mill (me) and 2Tall (Rapper from Norway). 8 Barz Pt. 3 included NetEmcees from various countries including Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, and more this song was also by Calibre and featured Maddman, J-Mill (me), 2Tall, Big Bent, Scoob, Kwills, Sinista Mind, Bad Dreamz, & Adept. Eventually, I was able to gain a spot in the biggest NetEmcee label WL Production with Calibre and Kwills. Kwills was a rapper from the United Kingdom that I also made some songs with. Kwills and I began to make a mixtape called "The Illtape" but unfourtantely it only turned out to be 4 songs due to loss of communication because of newly reinforced laws pertaining to music security which also gave a quick demise to the NetEmcee phenomenon. The story is the same with OhBoyJ a rapper from Trinadad that I had on my first NetEmcee crew Lyrical Invasion. Calibre, OhBoyJ, myself, and various other international NetEmcee created the most popular and wide spread NetEmcee crew International Rhymers Council. Aside from the NetEmcee scene I was still making music to promote Kentuckiana (Louisville Metro). I released two mixtapes that were popular locally and online in forums and blogs as J-Mill that were called Tryna Stack A Mill Mixtape Volume 1 and Volume 2. Volume 1 featured popular underground songs such as "What You About" and "Waverly Hills", which was based on Louisville's popular attraction Waverly Hills Sanitorium. Volume 2 featured popular songs such as "Datz Wazzup", "Red Syrup", "Fake", "Fake (Remix) featuring Tazz & Mayhem", & "4:20". Tazz and I also had a rap group together called Derby City Stunnaz in which we recorded 3 songs under the group name. After Tryna Stack a Mill Mixtape Volume 2 was released on Christmas 2007 my potential was beginning to show more and more and I was starting to master my style and myself as a artist. Things and my life had changed personally also and due to all the new changes both in music and life I felt like a new me and began recording under the name Mill. As Mill I released my most popular mixtape in the underground local and online scenes "Music Is Living Life (M.I.L.L.)" in October 2008, this mixtape featured various songs that were popular but the two that really stood out were "Your Diary (Rain on Me)" and "Concious". In 2009 my life began to change in many ways I did not record as much but I was writing a lot the few songs I did record were for the Siniter Hex mixtape, which was a mixtape of my different personalities that resulted from extreme anxiety that lead to a borderline break, anyways without getting to personal I recorded as Shinigami the song "Black Skies", as Dark Terra Phantom "Grave Watcher" which became popular to my local clan for it just being different to put it simple it was the only song ever that I sang all the way through, in a deep bass operatic type of melody. As Dark Inferno King i record "Woods of the Underworld featuring Dark Terra Phantom" and as Grim Reefa I record a freestyle featuring Mill. After reading those last few sentances I'm sure it's needless to say things continued to go down hill in my personal life and I stopped recoring in December 2009.
......Yall know I be on that Hardcore "Insanity" ish, right? HAHAHA!!!
Anyways back on topic, 2010 I began to turn my life around. The anger I acted on once before I now knew how to maintain and rationalize. The thoughts in my mind will never change, I'm stuck with thinking in certain ways but I still always do my best to remain positive. This combination of positivity and inner anger created the Monster, the product of the recession, the concept of modern society. Anyways before I start getting philosophical let's get back to the music since that is what I did in July 2010. I began making plans for the songs you hear today, but as I was building my business plan to step into the Independent music game from the underground I decided to finish off some songs in the underground which I recorded 16 songs as Monster Mill, 10 of which were freestyles I also gotta add that these were the best freestyles I had recorded yet, it was on time to get back to my stress outlet, my heart, my brain, my After finishing off the underground scene in December 2010 business plans were ready and I had assembled a musically lethal combination of artist. No other name was suitable for the chemistry that Amanda Chiamulera, Mayhem, and I have lyrically and recording-wise than Death Before Dishonor. Janurary 9, 2011 we recorded our 1st song Day by Day (which is on Redemption Trilogy April 19, buy it!) which has receached popular official music retailers across the internet including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, and more. Now I am the legal consultant and co-owner with Amanda Chiamulera in the entertainment Trademark for Death Before Dishonor. I am also publishing music through BMI through my imprint Monster Mill Publishing, BMI. We are now a indepent business and the Redemption has began. My goal is to but the whole Louisville Metro on in the music scene, there is so much unnoticed talent around here, and as our business continues to grow I will finally have the opportunity to give some of artist in Kentuckiana the chance to live thier dreams. We have still long way to go to be are expanding fast. Let me end this right with a quote from verse 2 of my song Monster Tomb which will be up as a streamed promotional single for Redemption Trilogy (Buy it!) for everyone to hear this coming tuesday "I got street smarts and textbook knowledge, so to take over the world is my only promise".

-Monster Mill, RRRrrr

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